The case for bad accents; plus, rectifying the ubiquity of bad sex : It’s Been a Minute


Dune: Part Two is a marvel of cinematic wonder. Amongst all the chatter around the cinematography and lore, Brittany also noticed that there was a particular fascination with Austin Butler’s accent. Butler is no stranger to a distinctive voice – he was Elvis after all. But the discourse around what makes a good or bad accent made Brittany want to revisit a conversation with New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan. In this interview from last year, Kyle makes the case that bad accents make movies more fun.

Then, Brittany turns from bad accents to bad sex. What may feel like a personal problem is actually an indicator of bigger social issues, at least according to Nona Willis Aronowitz. Her book, Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution, tackles the historic and systemic causes of unsatisfying sex. Brittany and Nona spoke last year about where bad sex comes from and what could be done about it.


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