PSL 9: Azhar Mahmood advocates for coach-captain mic communication

Islamabad United’s bowling coach Azhar Mahmood has given a suggestion for the introduction of a microphone for communication between the coach and the team captain during matches in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Speaking in the post-match presser, Mahmood believes that such a measure could enhance the strategic aspects of the game and provide teams with a competitive edge. 

“There should be a mic for communication between the coach and captain. This is our league which is why we can try such a thing. If commentators can speak to the cricketers [during the match], I think coach should be allowed to do the same,” Mahmood said.

The proposal comes in the wake of Islamabad United’s recent encounter with Lahore Qalandars, where the former faced a defeat despite their strong performance in the tournament.

Reflecting on the match, Mahmood also acknowledged the mistakes made by Islamabad United, attributing them to the loss. 

“Lahore Qalandars are two-time PSL champions and they had nothing to lose. We made a few mistakes as well, which cost us the game,” he concluded.