Biden-Trump rematch looks certain after pair dominate Super Tuesday votes


US President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump swept to victory in statewide nomination contests on Tuesday, setting up a historic rematch in November’s election.

On a day traditionally dubbed Super Tuesday – when the most states choose who they think should be candidates – both virtually secured the nomination for their respective parties.

Republican Mr Trump is projected to win in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, brushing aside Nikki Haley.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden appeared to win easily in almost all of the same states as well as Iowa and Vermont.

Despite their clear victories, a rematch between Mr Trump, 77, and Mr Biden, 81 – the first repeat US presidential matchup since 1956 – is one few Americans seem to want, based on opinion polls.

Speaking to a crowd gathered at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, Mr Trump described the president as the “worst” the country has ever seen.

“There’s never been anything like what’s happening to our country,” he added, before wrongly adding 15 million people have crossed the southern border from Mexico to the US.

Donald Trump spoke to supporters as the scale of his victory became clear. Pic: Reuters
Donald Trump spoke to supporters as the scale of his victory became clear. Pic: Reuters

But Mr Biden warned his rival – who is facing a litany of criminal charges, including interference in the 2020 election – is “determined to destroy our democracy”.

“He is driven by grievance and grift, focused on his own revenge and retribution, not the American people,” he said.

“He is determined to destroy our democracy, rip away fundamental freedoms like the ability for women to make their own health care decisions, and pass another round of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy – and he’ll do or say anything to put himself in power.”

Immigration and the economy are leading concerns for voters in both parties, Edison exit polls in California, North Carolina and Virginia suggest.

Joe Biden speaking earlier on Tuesday. Pic: Reuters
Joe Biden speaking earlier on Tuesday. Pic: Reuters

A majority of Republican voters in those states said they backed deporting illegal immigrants, with Mr Trump promising to mount the largest deportation effort in US history if elected.

What is Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is the day when the most US states choose who they think should be their candidates for president.

In 15 states, plus the US territory of American Samoa, Democrats and Republicans say who they want to see on the ballot come November.

Super Tuesday – an unofficial name that has been used since at least 1976 – is also when the highest number of delegates will be awarded to candidates.

Although voters cast ballots for their preferred presidential candidates, it is the delegates to the national party conventions who ultimately select the presidential nominees for each major party.

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How does the US election work?

That means candidates need to secure delegates, largely by winning in the primaries, to guarantee their path to the election.

This year’s Super Tuesday, however, has been dominated by two front-runners, which is unusual for a day that usually whittles down a pack to a few.



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