Pop-Tarts Asks Taylor Swift One Simple Request After Pop Star Baked Goodies for Chiefs


Taylor Swift is the world’s biggest pop star, the most famous Kansas City Chiefs fan and now could take her baking career to a whole new level.

In the aftermath of his Super Bowl LVIII win, Chiefs coach Andy Reid revealed that Swift made homemade toaster pastry treats for Kansas City’s offensive line. 

Reid sadly admitted the Chiefs’ offensive line didn’t share the snack with him, but the story caught the attention of a certain toaster pastry brand.

On Friday, Pop-Tarts took out a full-page ad in the Kansas City Star and had one request for Swift: Release the recipe.

It’s for a good cause, too. Pop-Tarts, which is owned by Kellanova, donated to Harvesters food bank in the Kansas City area. If Swift releases her recipe she baked for the Chiefs’ offensive line, Pop-Tarts will double its donation.

All for a fun and tasty good cause.



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