Why Travis Kelce left early from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Sydney?


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the Eras Tour. — Shutterstock/Tas24/File
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the Eras Tour. — Shutterstock/Tas24/File

Travis Kelce boarded a private jet in Sydney last week in order to return to Las Vegas, where he joined his pal Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs for a party on the strip.

To see some of his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour—she has a few more gigs left before she can go—he travelled to Australia, a long way. Kelce’s visit was somewhat brief—he only arrived in the nation on Wednesday, according to Women’s Health.

The Vegas celebration, a second gathering to commemorate their significant victory over the San Francisco 49ers this season, has reportedly been planned since the Super Bowl, according to a source who spoke with TMZ

Due to a DJ known for his sets at Toca Madera, Kelce may have already missed some of the weekends with his teammates. On Friday night, the DJ was reportedly asked to perform privately for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift will play a concert in Singapore through March 9 after two additional dates in Sydney. Her next tour dates are scheduled until November, taking her to France, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, back to the United States, and finally Canada.

Throughout the NFL season, the pop sensation has been making frequent trips from her concert series to other stadiums to see her boyfriend play, most notably Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

It seems that Kelce is now putting in more effort to visit his girlfriend during the off-season by travelling back and forth. During her interview for her Time Magazine Person of the Year cover, Swift stated that she and her partner believe it’s crucial to support one another.



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